Singapore Website Awards 2017
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    Check out and determine the categories (Personal, Commercial or E-Commerce) that you’re interested.

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    You can now Submit Your Website on the “SUBMIT SITE” panel. Please comply to the Terms and Conditions stated on the website, as it is mandatory for verification purposes.

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    The submission will be verified by SWA independent judges. A notification on the approval of the website will be sent through another email.

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    Now you just need to Share your website to your Friends and get as many “Votes” as possible. And leave the rest to the Judges to evaluate your website.

    • STEP 1

      Once your Website has been approved, an email notification will be sent to you regarding the verification results.

    • STEP 2

      Your website will then be added to our “Nomination List”. Please bear in mind that your website will be listed chronologically.

    • STEP 3

      Voters must require a Facebook account to proceed. All Facebook users can take part in it. However, each user is entitled to ONE Vote for EACH Nominees only.

    • STEP 4

      Votes will be accumulated through user submissions.

      ** You can also embed your designated website link (URL) and Share it to your friends.

    • STEP 1

      It is similar to the initial process of the Voting system. Once your Website has been approved, an email notification will be sent to you regarding the verification results.

    • STEP 2

      Site of the Month Nominees will be voted by SWA Independent Judges, the Judging Criteria includes Design, SEO, Accessibility, Performance & Content.

      The Top Rated Nominees will be automatically included as one of the “Site of the Month” Nominee, and will be entitled for the Final Judging for “Site of the Year”.

    • STEP 3

      The Final Judging will be evaluated by SWA Expert Judges, similar criteria as Design, SEO, Accessibility, Performance & Content. for all the entries. The Winners will be announced during the SWA Ceremony.


  • More than just coming up with a pretty or trendy-looking website that catches attention, the ideal website design should be able to deliver quality visuals that are both appropriate and relevant to the web content and the intended visitors.

  • The website should have a clean, professional logo for branding that matches with the theme, concept, colours and the creative elements found within the website. Other deciding factors include layout, typography, images and audio.


  • SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, determines the ranking of a website in the search engine results. A website with a high SEO value is guaranteed online visibility and better traffic.

  • The content of the website, such as the page title, meta tags and the presence of indexation, must show an effective use of various SEO techniques that maximizes search engine visibility.


  • A website is meant to be accessed; good accessibility makes a website more user-friendly, functional and allows visitors to procure the right information they need with the least amount of time and complication, whenever and wherever they are.

  • The website must be compatible and could be accessed with ease on all mobile platforms. Throughout use of relevant accessibility-enhancing features and technologies such as URL rewriting should also be demonstrated to make user interaction with the website convenient, responsive, optimally interactive and memorable.


  • Users tend to get frustrated when websites take too long to load. The website must not only be filled with impressive content and creative layout; the performance of the website, especially in regard to its loading speed, is a crucial element when it comes to what makes or breaks a good website.

  • The website must have an optimum download speed, reflecting a skillful utilization of page caching, website compression and other forms of loading optimization without compromising on the quality of both its content and layout.


  • Being the heartbeat of a website, it is therefore a must for the website content to be relevantly coherent with the website’s topic and genre. Content includes, but are never restricted to, music, sound, video, animation and any other relevant methods of presentation found within the website.

  • All content in the website should be presented in an excellent and tidy layout, with readable font, contrasting colour schemes, and is free from broken links.

  • The characteristics of good content – informative, engaging, memorable, and always leaving the visitors wanting for more.

Site Of The Month


  • Rated by SWA Independent Judges

  • Nominees will be accumulated into the Winners’ Pool for ‘Site of the Month’ in each Personal, Commercial and E-Commerce Category

Site Of The Year


  • Rated by SWA Expert Judges

  • 1 Winner for Personal Category

  • 1 Winner for Commercial Category

  • 1 Winner for E-Commerce Category

The Public’s Favourite Website


  • Voted by Public

  • 1 Winner for Personal Category

  • 1 Winner for Commercial Category

  • 1 Winner for E-Commerce Category

  • Submission date is from 1st March 2017 to 26 December 2017. Submissions made NOT within the allocated period will be neglected.

  • SWA 2017 is open to anyone who had previously developed / designed a website that serves the Singapore market. Only the aforementioned websites will be accepted as nominees.

  • Your submission will not be published as soon as it is submitted. Submission will only be published on the website on the following month of the month of your submission.

  • The Site of The Month Award is not influenced by the number of votes. The number of votes will only determine the winners for The Public’s Favourite Website Award.

  • Submitted websites must be written in English, Malay language or Chinese language. Websites written in other languages are not eligible to join SWA 2017.

  • Submissions will only be approved based on the appropriate criteria of the website.

  • Websites that are approved and nominated in the past month cannot be submitted again in the coming months.

  • Participants are granting Exabytes a worldwide and universal license to promote, publish, use, host, store, and to be shared by any accomplices of Singapore Website Awards 2017 when they submit their websites. Participants are responsible for having the permission to license any content submitted Singapore Website Awards 2017.

  • For all SWA nominees, please hot link the awards ribbon on your website.
    ** Unsuccessful nominations should NOT hot link the awards ribbon on their websites.

  • Participants must ensure all information provided is legitimate. Exabytes has the rights to collect the stated information and content for assessing, awarding and promotion.

  • The practice of buying fake likes/votes is strictly prohibited for the Public’s Favourite Website Award. SWA reserves the right to disqualify the participants immediately from the Awards if participants are involved in buying fake likes/votes.

  • The organizer of Singapore Website Awards 2017 reserves the rights to amend or update the marks given to all participating websites before official announcement is made. Once results are officially announced, everything is deemed finalized.

  • The organizer of Singapore Website Awards 2017 reserves the right to terminate any submitted entries if it is in violation of the terms and conditions.

The Deadline for Public Voting is 2 January 2018. Submission Closed